Terabox MOD APK Premium 3.31.1 For Android (Unlimited Storage, no ad)

TeraBox MOD Download (Premium Unlocked)

TeraBox Premium Mod APK offers Unlimited Storage, AD-Free Experience, and Faster Download Speeds.

Your smartphone’s storage is almost full. Data management and storage have become more important in the digital age. Terabox Mod APK (Premium unlocked/ad-free) is an excellent cloud storage option that keeps your data safe and secure. Here, you are free to retain your photos and videos.

Up to 1TB of free space can be stored for documents, music, images, videos, and other media; the most recent version is 2024. Terabox can also be used to share files, edit files online, and create file backups.

App Name

Terabox MOD (premium)


3.31.1 (MOD)


One Hour Ago

Compatible with

Android 4.1


File & storage


115 MB




Flextech Inc.

Terabox Mod Apk What is it?

Terabox Mod Apk has been added to the Tera Box program, allowing free access to all premium features. Those who use the original Terabox apps may get a free 1TB of storage. With the new version, users can circumvent the 1 TB limit and store a limitless amount of data. It removes advertising and speeds up downloads.


Terabox Mod is an increasingly common choice with APK users who wish to utilize all the premium features without having to pay for them or needing extra storage. It’s essential to remember that Mod Apk has no association with and does not support the security or safety of the official Mod Apk software.

Images from the Tera box mod apk

I’ve included a screenshot of the Tera Box Mod app below and a little description of its layout.

Terabox mod APK feature

TeraBox is a cloud storage service that offers various features to store files, including unlimited cloud storage. No Ads, Fast Download Arrested Here, we mention the various features and see how they benefit us.

Unlimited cloud storage

Tera Box also ensures the protection of your data with unlimited storage and is useful for those who worry about switching mobiles frequently with high storage demand. 


Advertisements can be a distraction in today’s digital world, especially when trying to use apps. The premium version of Tribox Mod APK provides an uninterrupted user experience free of ads.

Faster download speeds

With the premium version of TerraBox, users can download and upload their files faster, as TerraBox performs optimizations to improve download speed, transfer large files faster, and access stored content faster. 

Easy control and sharing

Finally, with its advanced control and seamless features, Terabox allows you to quickly share data but also create, edit, move, and delete files and videos.

Back up

Terabox gives you the option to use automatic backup and secure cloud storage to manage your photos and videos and back up all videos or specific videos without damaging your photos and videos.

Good security

This app keeps your data safe when you upload all your private photos and videos to cloud storage. Premium versions often include additional security features to protect user data.

Pros and cons of the app

Terabox Mod Apk Unlimited Cloud Storage is a modified version of Terabox that gives all the free features but can be harmful to use due to malware or other malicious code. so using Terabox mod apk Doing so is your personal decision, and the pros and cons are detailed below


  • 1080p video quality.
  • Video backup.
  • High download speed.
  • Translation corrected.
  • No ads.
  • are offered in several languages.


  • Login with Google does not work
  • Your account can be banned
  • Play the video on a separate page
  • No Support Google Workspace
  • The safe is still limited to 200MB (this is from the server)

Coparison between normal and premium Terabox APK

Below is a contrast between the Terabox APK’s standard and premium versions.

Ad-free experienceNoYes
Storage space1 TB2 TB
Upload and download speedLimitedFull connection speed
File transfer encryptionYesYes
File sharing with othersYesYes
File version controlNoYes
Remote file accessYesYes
Auto backupNoYes
File streamingYesYes
Priority customer supportNoYes

How to download Terabox MOD for Android?

Here, we walk you through the process of downloading TeraBox Mod Apk.

Open Google on a mobile device or the browser known as Chrome.

Enter teraboxpremiumapk.com into the keyword search bar, then click the search link to access the website.

A “Download Now” button will display after your visit to the website.

Press that button to reveal two additional buttons.

Clicking “Download For Mobile” will start the file’s download to your file manager.

You can use your phone’s Settings app to look for “install from unknown sources”.

In the search bar, type install from outside sources. To install unknown apps, select Install. Activate the “Allow from this source” toggle.

Find the APK file in the file system of your device. Use an application called a file manager to browse your files. Tap the APK file to see the installation prompt.

Click the Install button. The APK will be installed and opened.

Terabox download for Windows (PC/laptop)

TeraBox is ideal for your PC/Windows if it’s a need. You can increase the amount of storage on your computer using this software to 1024GB or 1TB for free, or to limitless storage with a premium membership. To download TeraBox onto your laptop and computer, follow these steps

terabox mod apk for pc

On your laptop or PC, open any browser.

Go to the website by typing teraboxpremiumapk.com into the search bar.

terabox mod apk login guide

Upon accessing the webpage, you will notice a Download APK button. Simply press the button.

terabox downlod butten for pc

The main download section will be automatically routed to you after you click the button above.

Two download buttons—one for mobile devices and another for Windows or PCs/laptops—are visible in this section. You select the “Download For PC” button.

download button

It will be downloaded immediately the exe file after you click the PC button.

terabox mod exe file stert download

Select the downloaded executable file that appears in the picture.

download terabox file

The program will install itself immediately when you click. Click “yes” on the pop-up window that appears after installation.

windows folder

After selecting Yes, the apk, a sign-up or login page will appear.

terabox apk login inter face

If you don’t already have an account, utilise the app to make one and log in.

terabox file downloaded for pc

Download Terabox Premium APK

If you want to download Tera Box Premium Mod APK then click on the download button here

Name App NameTerabox MOD (Premium)
Version Version3.31.1 (Mod)
Category CategoryFile & Storage
Size Size115 MB

Solution of common download errors

Different errors can occur while downloading, here are these errors and their solutions.

terabox mod apk
common error
  • Slow download speed.
  • Verify your internet connection speed
  • Try downloading the file during lower internet traffic
  • Use an alternative download manager
  • Interrupted download of files
  • Confirm that your device has free space
  • Try the download in another location on the device
  • Restart the device and download it again
  • Is the downloaded file corrupt?
  • Download the fresh file by repeating the download process
  • If a corrupt file is still downloaded, change the source

Is Terabox Mod Safe?

The premium version has additional features to keep user data safe, but downloading the file from an unknown source can be risky. So, it is essential to download from a reliable source.
TeraBox Unlimited Cloud storage is not officially related to Terabox, so if you have any problem, TeraBox will not support it. Still, your account may be banned because you are using their modified version.
Whether or not to use Teraabox is your personal decision. If you are concerned about security, it is better to use the official app.

The legality of using Terabox Mod Apk

The modified APK app provides additional features, so you must be careful. Violation can be done, but be careful; Terabox may terminate your account. To avoid these risks, download it from a trusted app and weigh the risks before using it.



Terabox up offers many benefits such as’ 1080p video quality, Video backup, No ads and High download speed etc.

TeraBox Mod APK can be downloaded in a few different methods. Numerous websites, including the official TeraBox website, have the app available.

Go to the trusted website and click on the given download button and install it easily because of its new update it has become very easy to install.

Updates for terabox Mod APK are typically provided by the mod creators.  form the reliable source you used for the first installation, you can get the latest version.

It’s important to be aware of the legal ramifications and use modified apks carefully because doing so frequently violates the original application’s terms of service

There are a lot of advantages of terabox Mod but also there is a question that is this safe or not?  

 you can trust the application.

It depends on from where you download it. So, it is safe when you  download it from a trusted and authentic site. But if you download from an unknown and risky website then there is a chance of being infected with malware.

Terabox Mod Apk with the feature of unlimited storage needs to be officially supported by terabox site. So, if you face  any problem with the app, you cannot get support from Terabox.